Founded By Nurses

Born out of curiosity and a genuine love of coffee, Whistlin’ Cup is a small batch coffee roaster that puts quality at the forefront of its operations. While David is not working as a PACU nurse, he is honing his coffee craftsmanship and refining the roasting process. David is Whistlin’ Cup’s primary small batch coffee roaster. He is a global citizen who grew up on the Indonesian Island of Java, Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Learn more about Whistlin' Cup's approach to coffee roasting and sourcing!

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Small Batch Coffee Roaster in Akron, PA

As a small batch coffee roaster, Whistlin’ Cup is thoughtful and intentional about how coffee is cultivated, sourced, and prepared. We apply heat, airflow, and agitation to green coffee seeds to unlock and accentuate various notes and characteristics inherent in the coffee. The result: coffee so naturally good that you can enjoy it without the marring of flavors or sugar. Visit our drive-thru location to experience specialty coffee with a local vibe.

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Whistlin’ Cup sources its coffee from a single importer that maintains direct partnerships with farmers around the world. Beans are purchased at 50% - 100% above the fair trade price, allowing each part of the supply chain to prosper and maintain the integrity of its product. We roast coffee that is good for farmers, good for coffee lovers, and good for caring. Shop coffee subscriptions today!

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 We proudly roast our coffee in Akron, Pennsylvania, and package coffee using recyclable and compostable materials. Read more about Whistlin’ Cup’s roasting process and seasonal coffee selection.