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Collection: Reflect

"Reflect" Darker-Medium Roast: Balanced, Nutty and Nostalgic. 

From the origins of coffee in Ethiopia, and extending through our known history, coffee has played a role in reflection and contemplation, fueling many a quiet early morning as well as an untold number of philosophical and theological revelations. Our “Reflect” coffees are our tribute to the daily cup; the obvious choice when no one else is awake, and your inner philosopher stews over the dreams of the night preceding. "Reflect" coffees will typically be roasted to the darker end of the medium range and may occasionally foray into the lighter end of dark roasts depending on what a given coffee demands. They are stable, balanced, and typically have moderate sweetness along with a smooth, pleasing, bittersweet finish. More often, “Reflect” coffees will express notes of caramel, nut, and cocoa. 

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Our Light Roast Coffee Is The Talk of The Town

Our light roast coffee boasts a captivating aroma and a smooth, bright flavor profile that awakens the senses with every sip. It gives you that full-body alertness similar to black tea, making this the ideal choice if you're curious about switching to coffee. Our careful roasting process preserves the beans' natural nuances. Whether you prefer a classic black coffee or a velvety latte, our light roast provides the perfect foundation for a variety of espresso based beverages. Experience the Whistlin' Cup difference today!