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Discover the Whistlin' Cup difference when you purchase a 12 oz. bag of whole bean coffee or ground coffee. Packaged in compostable bags with an off-gassing valve, we take into consideration every detail to better preserve the quality of the beans. Gift it, share it, drink it, enjoy it - we are in the business of good coffee. Discover the added benefits of a coffee subscription, promptly delivered to your door.

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Collection: OFF SPEC- Bargain Bin

Two of our values: not wasting any coffee, and maintaining high quality standards, converge to form this bin!

While this coffee doesn’t meet our quality specifications, we feel this coffee will still make you smile and it will definitely kick-start your morning.

Coffees in this category may be off-roasts or may be outside what we consider to be our ideal freshness window.  Because this is an off spec bin, the coffee is first come, first served each week. We ask for your coffee preference, and will attempt to realize this if possible, but please understand that we cannot guarantee a specific type or category of coffee! 

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Our Light Roast Coffee Is The Talk of The Town

Our light roast coffee boasts a captivating aroma and a smooth, bright flavor profile that awakens the senses with every sip. It gives you that full-body alertness similar to black tea, making this the ideal choice if you're curious about switching to coffee. Our careful roasting process preserves the beans' natural nuances. Whether you prefer a classic black coffee or a velvety latte, our light roast provides the perfect foundation for a variety of espresso based beverages. Experience the Whistlin' Cup difference today!