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Discover the Whistlin' Cup difference when you purchase a 12 oz. bag of whole bean coffee or ground coffee. Packaged in compostable bags with an off-gassing valve, we take into consideration every detail to better preserve the quality of the beans. Gift it, share it, drink it, enjoy it - we are in the business of good coffee. Discover the added benefits of a coffee subscription, promptly delivered to your door.

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Collection: Explore

"Explore" Light Roast: Bright and Complex

Take a trip with your taste buds! “Explore” coffees give you a chance to expand your tasting repertoire as you travel closer to the origin of the coffee. You’ll be able to taste more of the unique flavors related to the variety, region, and growing climate. Often, these coffees will be showcased for a shorter period of time and will primarily be roasted bright and light.

Our Light Roast Coffee Is The Talk of The Town

Our light roast coffee boasts a captivating aroma and a smooth, bright flavor profile that awakens the senses with every sip. It gives you that full-body alertness similar to black tea, making this the ideal choice if you're curious about switching to coffee. Our careful roasting process preserves the beans' natural nuances. Whether you prefer a classic black coffee or a velvety latte, our light roast provides the perfect foundation for a variety of espresso based beverages. Experience the Whistlin' Cup difference today!