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Our Approach to Coffee

Coffee is a magical bounty from our beautiful earth, worthy of our full attention when given the appropriate care and respect! The flavor you taste in the cup is carefully cultivated in and influenced by three main steps: Growing, Roasting, and Brewing. At Whistlin’ Cup we take great care in learning and understanding how all three affect the experience, however our primary contribution and focus is in roasting.


Roasting is mesmerizing: a lively dance, and a data driven scientific study all at the same time. The beauty of this craft is found in the juxtaposition of the artistic and sensory with the scientific and meticulous. The left and right sides of the brain tussling for dominance, creating a synergy best understood when tasted. Not all things measured will be tasted; Not all things tasted can be measured.

Properly cultivated coffee often has more than one enjoyable flavor profile. As a roaster, we apply heat, airflow, and agitation to green coffee seeds to unlock and accentuate various notes and characteristics inherent in the coffee. Through an extensive trialing process, we then decide which flavor profile we want to present to our customers. The result, we hope: coffee so naturally good that you are enticed to enjoy it without the marring of flavorings or sugar. Quality and Integrity while our customers Explore, Connect, and Reflect with a mug of Whistlin’ Cup in hand.


Meet our Team

David is a global citizen and lover of experiences bigger than his own! Among the many places he has lived, David spent nearly nine years on the island of Java in Indonesia. Yes, as in a cup of JAVA. Years later and while living in Washington State, David discovered a love for the intricacies of fresh, locally roasted coffees from around the world. Working as a registered nurse by day (and sometimes night), David honed his coffee roasting craft when not titrating IV medications. David is our primary coffee roaster and is always delighted to roast a new variety of coffee for our customers to enjoy!

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