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Visit the Whistlin' Cup Drive-Thru

 Mon. - Fri. 6:30am - 1:30pm | Sat. 9am - 12pm

704 Main Street, Akron, PA, 17501 | Off 272

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About Our Coffee

At Whistlin' Cup we take great pride in putting better coffee in your hands. The flavor you taste in the cup is carefully crafted through our roasting process to unlock and accentuate various notes and characteristics inherent in the coffee. Each order of coffee is ethically sourced and thoughtfully packaged with recycled and compostable material to do our part to protect our future on this beautiful planet. Quality and Integrity while our customers Explore, Connect, and Reflect with a mug of Whistlin’ Cup in hand.


Coffee Categorization

We have divided our coffees into three categories to help you find your niche!


Explore: Take a trip with your taste buds! “Explore” coffees give you a chance to expand your tasting repertoire as you travel closer to the origin of the coffee. You’ll be able to taste more of the unique flavors related to the variety, region, and growing climate. Often, these coffees will be showcased for a shorter period of time and will primarily be roasted bright and light.


Connect: Relationship, connection, and attachment are central to the human experience! “Connect” coffees, exhibiting sweetness, balance, and a pleasing finish, are primarily roasted within the medium range. In a time of ever increasing polarity, we at Whistlin’ Cup encourage discussion over debate. Connect with a friend, an acquaintance, or even seek common ground during a time of disagreement over a cup of our “Connect” coffee. Let the sweetness and smooth finish of the coffee set the tone for strong relationship. 


Reflect: From the origins of coffee in Ethiopia, and extending through our known history, coffee has played a role in reflection and contemplation, fueling many a quiet early morning as well as an untold number of philosophical and theological revelations. Our “Reflect” coffees are our tribute to the daily cup; the obvious choice when no one else is awake, and your inner philosopher stews over the dreams of the night preceding. "Reflect" coffees will typically be roasted to the darker end of the medium range and may occasionally foray into the lighter end of dark roasts depending on what a given coffee demands. They are stable, balanced, and typically have moderate sweetness along with a smooth, pleasing, bittersweet finish. More often, “Reflect” coffees will express notes of caramel, nut, and cocoa. 

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